La Brea  representing California is definitely in a league of her own. She's not just another pretty face La Brea has come to solidify her place in the Hip Hop community with her unique style. This female rapper is Genuine, Aggressive  yet Classy . Hip Hop fans  Get Familiar with La Brea 

La Brea  said " I always knew I was going to do music every since I was a kid, My bro and I grew up making songs we would gather up our family members in the house to perform for them. Everyone know from a young age I'd have a promising career in music.

I would like to create a great platform for myself that would be strong enough for me to open the door for upcoming female artist, kinda like how Niki, Kim, and the all other legendary female artist paved the way for me, At the end of the day I would have to create a legendary name for myself .

I have goals for my TFL  (Team Full of Legends) brand  ( 1). Is to have my brand in all the street stores, and (2). I plane to have my own store with for my TFL Brand.

Getting Money Video Shoot

Getting Money Video Shoot